I want a Top Notch Resume!

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You CAN land the job you want, as long as you have a top notch resume that sells you to hiring managers.

Top Notch Resume is my step-by-step guide that teaches you how to write a compelling resume from start to finish, line-by-line. My private clients have used this approach to revamp their resumes and have not only landed more interviews, but JOB OFFERS as a result! This course will teach you the same.

  • Understand the structure of a top notch resume and how it works
  • Learn the key strategy that makes you a match to the jobs you apply for
  • Discover the keywords that attract employers and make them want to interview YOU
  • Implement the fill-in-the-blank templates and formulas to writing out your resume, from start to finish

And on top of that, this will all be taught to you within 2 hours!

Course Curriculum

Phase 1: The Perfect Job
Phase 3: Compelling Professional Experience
BONUS #1: How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile
BONUS #2: Job Search Strategy to Land More Interviews
Linda Raynier
Linda Raynier
Founder, Top Notch Resume & Top Notch Interview

As a CPA-turned-Recruiter-turned-Career Strategist, I have worked with thousands of professionals and helped hundreds successfully land corporate careers. 

Top Notch Resume & Top Notch Interview are built on my years of experience and knowledge gained from hiring, recruiting and placing employees into their dream jobs. My private clients have successfully landed job offers (and some multiple) using the Top Notch Resume and Top Notch Interview approach. 

I'm sending you my positive vibes as you go through this course, as I know it'll shift you into a whole new phase in your career.

If there is anything you need, feel free to email: support@lindaraynier.com

<3 Linda

I want a Top Notch Resume!

BUY $397.00